Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rumors of Fast Food have spread through Forks Township for 20 years.  Mostly they have been rumors.  A few Franchises have taken traffic surveys that however the traffic numbers were insufficient to undertake dealing with a community that shows up with pitch forks and torches whenever a business shows interest in locating here.   Dunkin Donuts and Subway are the only two franchises that have been able to hang on.  A Quiznos tried and failed.   Recently a McDonalds has shown interest in an unused parking lot in the corner of the largest shopping center in the Township. 

Nothing can bring out the hate groups against the free enterprise system like a McDonalds can.  As expected the Citizens against Everything group that have been in opposition to almost every business proposal has reactivated in opposition to the project.   

On Feb 10th a public hearing will be held on the project where the CAE will mobilize the resident’s against free enterprise and property rights.  They will be speaking against this project to a Planning Commission selected by the anti-business faction.

Topics discussed will be healthiness of the food, Traffic, Smell, Crime, and effect on the Children.  This is a area were you can buy a Pizza and a Cheese Steak  at no less than 4 establishments within a 3 min walk of the proposed site. 

This discussion will send the Forks Business and Commerce Association into their bunker to so they can avoid controversy.  My pro-business comments on the Forks Township resident’s Facebook page have riled the “Citizens against Everything”.  Some resident’s comments demand that I shut up because I don’t live here.  I have owned property and operated my business here since 1985.  I spend more hours here then the people who just sleep here  I stood by myself when CAE prevented my expansion.  I will speak up, and continue to speak up.   For those who want to silence my comments, don’t mind if I personally question your intelligence