Saturday, December 13, 2014

Citizens against Prosperity

 Nothing brings out the “Citizens against Everything” like energy related projects.  Our area of eastern Pa is crissed crossed with energy related pipelines and Power transmission towers.  The recent plan to increase the amount of natural gas that flows through Forks Township has waken up opposition to energy.

Why do we need more energy?  Because we are using more energy, you are using more energy.  While the size of your house has not increased your cell phone, TV and appliances have grown in size.  My flip phone still operates almost a full week without recharging many of you can’t get through a single day without plugging it in.  While you demand more energy we are taking demolishing older power plants and they need to be replaced.

I always ask this question of those who believe that the chairman of Exxon should be imprisoned.  Where do you believe the electric to run your house and the gasoline to operate your car will come from?  Wind power and solar have issues you don’t understand mostly they may not work when you use the most power and wind and solar can’t be stored until it’s needed. 

The angry rebuttal I always get when I speak on Forks Township is “you don’t even live in Forks Township”  my answer is my business is located here and I spend more time in Forks Township then some of the residents who just sleep here.   

The next question I will asked is would you want a pipeline near your house.  I don’t need to answer that because 100’ outside my bedroom window I have an 18” a 24” and 2 - 36” high pressure Natural Gas Pipelines.  I watched them being built I feel they are safer than a sleepy truck driver or a train running over rotted out tracks.  Oh yes I never got a penny in compensation because the right of way was sold years before I built my house.

Our Country was built with accessible natural resources.  Without energy we might look like North Korea where unreliable infrastructure is non-functioning most of the time.

Energy = prosperity it’s simple.

Before you put a “I hate energy” sign in your lawn imagine life without it.