Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who We Elect

 When we choose a candidate for National office we choose the candidate that most represents our views. When we elect a candidate for local office we expect to have enough access to the official that they will represent a majority of the residents. We would hope that they would research projects that are out of there expertise before approving the project.

Unfortunately those who win elections believe there success is because of there intelligence rather then the winner of a popularity contest. The winner’s perceived IQ immediately jumps 50 points as now they are experts in everything.

In Forks Township and many other Communities elected officials jump into projects that are over there heads. They then hire so called experts who exploit there lack of understanding of a project to there own financial gains.

 We see this with the Band Shell and the Public Works Building. In the many redraws of the Band Shell Forks Township has spent over $80,000.00 and still a shovel hasn‘t hit the ground. The Public Works Building is more then a million dollars over recent estimates.
To make up the defecate Supervisors will break into the emergency finds. One day when the emergency funds are needed we will only have a box full of I Owe You’s

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